Diabetic Veggie Burger

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Diabetic Veggie Burger

Postby Kenny » Fri Jul 01, 2016 5:04 am

If you are looking for something different than just old beef hamburgers, then check out the video below for some delicious veggie burgers. I think once you taste it you may never go back to beef ones. It is very easy to make and works for lunch or dinner.


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Re: Diabetic Veggie Burger

Postby Nate » Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:18 am

I have to admit when I first started watching this I was a little skeptical. Now that I've seen it all laid out and what the final product looks like, I think I will give it a try. It looks very tasty and it doesn't look that hard to make either.

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Re: Diabetic Veggie Burger

Postby Tiffany » Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:13 am

I am always looking for a good veggie burger recipe. Thank you for sharing it, I think this will be just right for me. I wouldn't say I'm a full fledged vegetarian yet, but I'm getting there pretty quick.

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